Why Americans kill people

Why Americans kill people

Comment: By celebrating the passing of Fidel Castro, Cuban Americans reveal the poverty of a materialist political culture where death is the only way to resolve all your differences

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The nature of Nature

NOV amazon search

The Amazon is home to distinct tropical ecosystems – but also global debates about the meanings of modernity

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An education in the underworld

NOV bruno

Bruno offers a gripping insight into one man's journey to the heart of the Brazilian underworld, and the price he paid

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Know your oppression

NOV maps fiesta

Liberation theologian Otto Maduro invoked the oppressed to use knowledge against injustice

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Cities as centres

NOV cities from scratch

Latin America's unruly and sprawling shantytowns may hold the key to the region's glittering urban future

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Archival activism

NOV paper cadavers

Kirsten Weld reveals the dark and brutal world concealed by the massive secret police archives uncovered in Guatemala

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Local rights and wrongs

NOV social origins rights

Rural and urban activism by small groups can be the origin of a struggle to protect basic human rights and denounce inequality

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Southern comfort

NOV chile reader

The Chilean edition of Duke's Latin America Readers maintains the excellence and scholarly professionalism of this series

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Mixed up about mestizaje

NOV mestizo genomics

A pioneering examination of genomics research in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia raises important questions about identity

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Subversive screens

NOV making cinelandia

A valuable case study into the potentially contradictory effects of overwhelming cultural domination

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